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Having a website is of no use if you have nowhere to put it so that is accessible to the internet.

Website hosting or domain hosting involves placing the files of your website on a server that is connected to the WWW for the world to access.

website hosting, domain hosting

Webrocket offers website hosting with generous inclusions. While you could pay up to $150 per month with some providers we offer top quality Windows Server hosting from $25 per month depending on your particular needs. We will organise and arrange everything for you so that you can continue on with what you do best.

Our hosting includes email addresses, FTP access, Web based email, database support and website statistics. As part of our hosting package we will:

  • delegate or redelegate the domain name to the server
  • upload the files
  • set up the email addresses

Don't have a domain name? We can get one for you as well.

Contact us for website hosting options and prices.

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