website traffic

Having a great website means nothing if you do not attract any visitors.

Ensuring your site is created professionally is the first step to being seen on the internet. This includes the strategic placement of keywords, phrases, titles and descriptions. When we design a website at Webrocket we ensure that the design captures all of these elements to give your site the best chance on the search engines.

Promoting your website will ensure a better return for your outlay.

There are various ways of promoting your website, such as placing your URL (website address) on company stationary to search engine submission.

The key to getting good results in the search engines is choosing the right keywords. To help you choose which words and phrases to use, use the links below:

Google adword keywords suggestions.

Yahoo top keyword searches.

Overture keywords suggestions.

Webrocket will submit to the free search engines as part of the overall package for your website design. Additionally if you have a website that you like to see higher up in the search results we can optimise your site against competitor websites to ensure your web pages are search engine friendly and resubmit your site to the major engines to be added to their databases.

While acceptance of your site on these search engines is not guaranteed, we will endeavour to ensure that your site has all the right elements to be accepted.

There is also the option for paid submission. This can be a one off payment to the search engine company or a pay per click account with them.

Contact us for advice on website promotion and submission prices.